Analytical Instrumentation

The instrumentation used in this investigation was located in three different laboratories:

Aston Metallurgical Services Co., Inc., Wheeling, IL

Cambridge/Leica S200 scanning electron microscope with IXRF digital imaging system
Pulse-Torr Maxim LN-free light element energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy detector with IXRF software/electronics 
Leica MZ APO stereo microscope
Leica DMR and DM RXA2 microscopes
Seevac ConductoVac III vacuum sputter coater with gold target

Tom Kaye's Personal Laboratory, Sierra Vista, AZ

Jeol T300 Scanning Electron Microscope with AnalySIS ADDA II digital imaging system
Kevex energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy detector
Nikon SMZ-U stereo microscope
Zeiss Axiomat light microscope
Biorad E500M vacuum coater with palladium and gold targets

Microtrace Inc., Elgin, IL

Raman spectrometer/ microscope, Renishaw InVia system with 785 nm laser

 JEOL T300 electron microscope with energy dispersive spectrometer. Arizona lab.Microscopy lab at Aston Metalurgical, Wheeling, IL.Zeiss Axiomat light microscope, Arizona lab.