During the extensive microscopic survey of the tie particles, several specimens were identified that were out of the scope of the investigation. Others could not be placed in context with Cooper or the skyjacking. Examples are provided here for reference and to demonstrate the extent of this investigation. If anyone has any additional information relating to these particles or a suspect please contact.

Silicon Spheres

Near-perfect spheres of silicon were found. Spherical particles such as these are normally formed by molten material falling through the air. These could be from the match residue but their exact source remains unidentified.

Unidentified Cluster
This enigmatic cluster remains completely unidentified. It is made of carbon and therefore probably some type of plant or fungus. Anyone having any identifying information is encouraged to contact us.




Fungus was found growing on the tie. Given the dark conditions the tie had been stored in for 40 years this is not surprising.





The picture at left is one of several particles of pure bismuth found on the tie. These particles could be from a material processing plant or potentially from glitter makeup. Their source is currently unknown.

Pigment Particles


These red and amber particles were found in several places on the tie. They were subsequently identified using Raman spectroscopy as pigment particles. These are common pigments and were not investigated further.


Wing Scale


This is a scale from an insect wing. Experts were contacted to determine if this scale could be identified, but we were told the huge scope of scales in nature makes this impossible.


Zinc "Flowers"

Several of these flower-like structures were found made from zinc. Their origin remains unknown. If you have any information please email us.


Various Fibers

Various fibers were found on the tie including wool and polyester. They are too common to be diagnostic and no further research was done.