In 2016 the show Expedition Unknown funded a more extensive particle analysis by the world renoun McCrone Labs on the sticky tape particles pulled off Cooper's tie. McCrone used a fully automated scanning electron microscope to find, photograph and then analyze over 100,000 particles on 20 different stubs. Prior to this, we had only about 800 particles that the team looked at manually.  We are releasing the information to the public in hopes more can be discovered about where Cooper came from. This data is complicated to look at. Please do not email asking how to interpret it.

TECHNICAL:  The available Excel files show the major atomic elements (not molecules) found in each of the particles from the tie. The sticky tabs used to pull the particles off the tie unfortunately had nickel wires inside the tabs that was unknown to us at the time. All hits for nickel should be discounted. There are pictures for each particle but they are in a proprietary format which we don't have a translator for so we are not making them available. The first two files are Summaries from McCrone, tabs hold detailed info for each stub. The summaries do not show the rarer more interesting particles just the overall picture.  The sample stubs were numbered in the 500 and 600 range reflected in the headings. The stubs took particles from up and down the tie. Some of the totals do not apear to be right in column D so you must go through each stubs info to get a total number of a particular type of particle found.

Summary 1 Excel  (6 meg)

Summary 2 Excel (40 meg)

500 Series Stubs Excel (7 meg)

600 Series Stubs Exce (45 meg)

Some of the interesting particles found:

300 series SS - 500 pcs

400 series SS - 150 pcs

Cerium 99% pure

Cerium Lanthanum - lighter flint

Yittrium - red phosphor in TV screens

Strontium Sulfide - phosphor

Phosphorus 97% pure - matches

Lead Phosphate - no info




Barium Chloride -radioactive influences phosphors

Barium Sulfate- a phosphor


tungsten cobalt


Iron Cobalt

Calcium Flourine

Potasium Chlorate = matches

Antimony Sufide -  From matches (No Particles found on tie so  the pure Antimony below is not likely from matches)

Antimony 99% - Antimony compounds, primarily sodium antimonate, are also used in decolorizing and refining agents for optical glass and CRT glass.

Mercury Sulfide - cinnabar pigment

Bismuth Chloride - glitter

tin copper bromine