"Citizen Sleuths"

The name “Citizen Sleuths” easily became the logical choice by the Cooper Research Team as the web address for this site. A term originally coined by the former case agent, Special Agent Larry Carr, it was the name he’d given the Team back in 2009 and used in the media to describe the group.

Tom Kaye, Associate researcher Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, Seattle, WA.Alan Stone, President, Aston Metallurgical Services Co., Inc. Wheeling IL.Carol Abraczinskas examines D.B. Cooper's tie in the FBI archive in Seattle, 2009.

Tom Kaye, Principal Investigator
Director, Foundation for Scientific Advancement
Tom Kaye's main scientific interest is spectroscopy which branches out into the fields of paleontology and astrophysics. In paleontology, he leads yearly expeditions for the Burke Museum to recover dinosaur bones. He is directly involved in the controversy over the detection of preserved blood cells and blood vessels in T. rex bones where his work points to a bacterial source. In astrophysics he leads a team of astronomers that are trying to discover an extrasolar planet using spectroscopy to detect the stars wobble. Recently he has been working on analysis of grave goods from the 8,000-year-old Gobero site in Africa as well as the Chinese Feathered Dinosaurs. Researchgate CV

Alan Stone
President, Aston Metallurgical Services Co., Inc., Wheeling, IL

Alan is the founder and president of ASTON. He graduated from the University of Illinois with degrees in Metallurgical Engineering and Business. He has performed thousands of failure analyses and corrosion investigations. His areas of expertise include optical microscopy of metals and scanning electron microscopy/EDS micro analysis. Projects have included analyzing industrial components, aircraft/spacecraft/marine/automotive/locomotive components, archeological/antique/art objects, structural components of all kinds, as well as specimens of historic and national significance. Alan has contributed to the (formerly FBI) Slice EDS database, hosted ASM Materials Camps, taught heat-treating workshops and has publications and photomicrographs in technical books and journals.

Carol Abraczinskas
Scientific/Biological Illustrator, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Carol Abraczinskas began her career as a professional artist in 1989 at the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, documenting Egyptian and Nubian artifacts. Later that year, she joined the university's Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy where she remained the Principal Scientific Illustrator for 26 years. Currently, Carol is the Scientific/Biological Illustrator for the Museum of Paleontology at the University of Michigan. Her award-winning drawings have been featured in exhibits at the Field Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, as well as in national magazines and scientific journals such as Science, NatureJournal of Vertebrate Paleontology, National Geographic, and NewsweekShe has contributed her expertise to after-school workshops as well as to graduate classes at the University of Chicago, where she taught advanced courses in Scientific Illustration from 1994-2014. The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology awarded her the John J. Lanzendorf Paleoart Award for Scientific Illustration in 2000, 2005, and 2008. Recent features on Carol and her work have appeared in Scientific American, The Chicago Tribune, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago Alumni Magazine and O, The Oprah Magazine. Carol is a 2012 graduate of the FBI Chicago Citizens Academy.


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